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"World Rainbow Day"

Nature always wears the colour of the spirit.

Colors play an important role in our lives. Different colors symbolize different personalities and also affect our moods differently. The seven colour's of the rainbow are also linked to seven chakra colors.

World Rainbow Day' provides a special time for schools to encourage learners to talk about their feelings and share their memories from this period and learn more about the amazing efforts of so many different people.

Educators explained the importance of Rainbow to the learners that this celebration was to bring out the awareness of the colors and above all the world is full of beauty and colors. 'That is the idea behind a day devoted to rainbows because they can't help smiling when their learners see the bright, cheery bands of colour

The virtual rainbow colour day was celebrated in Gajera International School, Kindergarten section. All the kids were dressed up in various color’s dress. Our learners had an activity of craft and coloring. It was an excellent learning experience for the children which enhanced their skill of color identification.

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