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'Tourism for Inclusive Growth'

"The beauty of nature will leave you speechless once you start travelling, but it will make you a storyteller once you finish travelling."

The purpose of World Tourism Day which is celebrated on 27th September every year is to raise awareness on the importance of tourism affecting the social, cultural, political and economic values of international community. In current times, it is important to raise awareness about tourism sector so that 90% of the world's heritage sites closed as a result of the pandemic, where young people in rural communities are three times more likely to be unemployed can get an employment. Tourism helps rural communities hold their unique natural and cultural heritage, support conservation projects, safeguarding endangered species and lost tradition or flavours.

The main goal for celebrating this day is to provide job and opportunity for all and preserving cultural and natural Heritage All around the World apart from being a leading employer and economic pillar.

For many rural communities tourism means opportunity. It provides jobs and economic empowerment including the women and youth. Tourism gives rural communities the ability to protect and promote the natural surroundings as well as their culture and heritage in doing so it allows tourist to enjoy a unique experience too.

UNWTO has design added 2020 as the year of tourism and rural development. In 2020 there was an opportunity to promote the potential of tourism to create jobs and opportunities. Current year 2021 official celebration will be hosted by Cote d'Ivoire, celebrating tourism's ability to drive inclusive development and the role it plays in promoting respect while generating opportunities for many millions across the globe promoting the theme “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”.

It also advances inclusion and highlights the unique role tourist can play in preserving and promoting natural and cultural heritage and curbing urban migration.

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